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Who is brian littrell dating

The Boys' frothy pop and dreamy ballads tell the girls the very words they can't extract from bepimpled boyfriends: "I'll never break your heart, I'll never make you cry." However, what the Boys – Littrell, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, A. Mc Lean and Nick Carter – could really use is a few male fans. ("They try to act tough, but we see them bob their heads," says Q.) But the Backstreet Boys want something more., the Orlando band hopes, finally, to be taken seriously."I wish people would realize that we have the goods and we're legit," says Richardson heatedly. His band mates mill around nearby."We're talented, and we're not some flash in the pan.The Boys promptly became huge in Germany, and the rest of Europe soon followed. During the Boys' lean years, Pearlman claims, he poured some million into their career, just in time for the musical pendulum in the States to swing back to pop, thanks to the Spice Girls and Hanson.After three years in the field, the Boys were pumped."1998 was our most successful year," says Richardson. "It was also the hardest year of my life."et's unravel this by starting in 1993, when the Backstreet Boys formed under the tutelage of Pearlman, head of the Orlando-based Trans Continental, a collective of companies that includes charter planes, a travel agency and Chippendales dancers.

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"Little girls will have a tape recorder, saying they're from newspapers or Fox Kids." In hotels, continues Q, "they come upstairs acting like housekeeping, or they call every single room in the hotel until they get the guys."The Backstreet Boys love their female fans, God knows they do. It is those fans who are primarily responsible for the success of 1997's 27 million-selling', five-singles-spawnin' album Backstreet Boys.

When the girls spaz out, trembling and crying at autograph signings, it is the Boys who patiently, kindly talk them down.

"I'll say, ' I'm human, it's no big deal,'" says Brian Littrell.

One need not be Phi Beta Kappa to understand the group's appeal. "They know we all, you know, date girls.") There are also the reluctant dads and boyfriends in the audience.

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"They'll say, ' My dad can get you a deal on a car.'" He sighs.

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