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Use this method for updating your HPC software if you are confident that you are applying stable, minor updates that will not impact an active cluster.You can use updatenode to apply software to Linux stateless nodes that have the operating system fully loaded into memory, and for all stateful nodes that have the operating system installed on a writeable disk.

You can skip this section if rootvg is not mirrored.

The VIOS is part of the Advanced POWER Virtualization hardware feature, which enables sharing of physical resources between logical partitions including virtual Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and virtual networking.

To use IBM® Power Systems™ virtualization features, customer can set up the environment that consists of one or more Virtual I/O Servers and many VIOS client logical partitions (LPARs) using IBM AIX® or other supported operating systems such as Linux® or IBM i.

To un-mirror the rootvg, we can use the Download VIOS update package You can download the VIOS update package from Fix Central to a location which can be accessed by the VIOS server. Upon successful cloning and the update completion on a new disk, to keep the current VIOS environment as it was, you can reinstall all un-installed interim fixes using the following command.

Run the following command to perform cloning and updating VIOS. Also upon successful cloning and the update completion on a new disk, you can restart the VIOS server on the updated level using the following command. You should also review Fix Central information to understand whether any new interim fixes are available for the new VIOS level.

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