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For most of the last 74 years, a single industrial plant in rural Tennessee served as America’s RDX factory and it produced as much as 40 million pounds of white crystalline powder each month that fueled the vast carpet bombing of the Korean peninsula, and then later, America’s involvement in Vietnam.RDX is “a mighty instrument,” Sheehan wrote, “that may well have transformed the nature of modern warfare.” But RDX, a powerful triumph of military ingenuity, has had an unwanted second life — as an unusually persistent pollutant poisoning the American homeland.RDX was packed into 10,000-pound underwater bombs dropped by British airplanes to blow up German river dams and disrupt the country’s hydropower in the critical Dambuster campaign.It was even surreptitiously soaked into firewood that would later explode in the furnaces of German locomotives.

The first signs of trouble emerged at Army bomb-packing plants in Tennessee, and then near Grand Island, Nebraska, where drinking water aquifers were found to be contaminated with the explosive. Near Salt Lake City, people who grew their food with RDX-contaminated water alleged it caused their cancers.With RDX, the Pentagon’s long and bitter behind-the-scenes combat with the EPA endures to this day.In 2013, the EPA appeared ready to declare RDX not just a possible, but a “likely” carcinogen, an outcome that would have costly and complex implications for the Pentagon.Melnick said he believes the pressure exerted by the Pentagon through comments and presentations, and the RDX research it has recently funded, have prompted the EPA to reverse a long-held position justified by the scientific findings over decades.“I was surprised and shocked,” Melnick said about the EPA’s latest assessment.

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