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' GOP Tax Bill Will Create American Dynasties Donors Threaten GOP Reps - Pass Tax Bill Or Else GOP Donor-Driven Tax Bill Gives To The 'Haves' Takes From The 'Have Nots' Ex Navy Pilot Describes Encounter With 'Tic Tac' UFO More Disclosure?Pilots Don't Talk Unless It Is OK'd NK Rejects US Offer To Talk About Its Nukes On North Korea, China Is Not A Partner Trump Signals US May Expand Use Of Nuke Bombs China Blasts Trump's New National Security Strategy Naming Russia And China As Threats To US Trump Calls China A Rival Power WW3 - China Mobilizes Military, Warns Of War Trump's New Strategy Called Neo Con Triumph Neo Con Frontman Trump's Mein Kampf Trump’s Weak Foreign Policy - Vid Russia - Avoiding The Judgement Of China Newsweek Disinfo - Is Putin Preparing For WW3?- Ex A-51 Worker Says He Piloted UFO - Vid Ex Navy Pilot Describes Close Encounter With 'Tic Tac' UFO Another Effort At Disclosure?

Triton - Son Of Stuxnet CNN Reporter Makes Excuses For Their Fake News Pro-Amnesty Rep Scott Taylor Silent On 'Scum Bag’ Smear Of Pro-American Group Why Anti-White Violence Is Now Common - Part 2 BLM Communists Boycott 'White Capitalist' Christmas Charlie Rose - Fall Of A Globalist Mouthpiece Chicago Pol Wants Child-Raping UN Troops In US China Military Flies Over Sea of Japan, Around Taiwan Taiwan Sends Jets, Ships To Watch China Transport Plane Dt RH - Let's Talk About Our Hollow Earth - Part 2 Dt RH - Let's Talk About Our Hollow Earth - Part 1 England Being Taken Down By Muslims - Look At This Black African Violently Beats Elderly German Woman In Broad Daylight - Shocking Video Poland New PM Wants To 'Make Europe Christian Again' Austria's Anti-Burqa Law Claims Santa As Victim Austria - New Government To Resist 'Islamization' 1,000s Protest New Coalition Govt In Austria Macron’s Birthday Bash In Lavish Palace Draws Anger Boris Sees No Trace of Russia's Influence on Brexit Iserbyt - Patriots Or Manchurian Candidates?

Trump's Diet Coke Addiction, Junk Food Eating Prompts Doctors' Warnings American Exceptionalism's Endless War On Humanity Israel Ready To Pay Price For Jerusalem Move Buchanan - Who Wants War With Iran And Why?

Devvy - Alleged Roy Moore Loss - The Case For Vote Fraud Investigation Wooldridge - Stop DACA Amnesty & All Chain Migration Globalist Tool Twitter Goes After Straight, White, Conservative, Christians GAB - The Twitter Purge Has Begun Grinch That Stole Christmas Scope And Size - Unique Govt Entities In Your State Amazing Trumbull Co.

(Spoiler Alert - It Wasn't Them) Congress May Enact 'Bolt & Wire Cutter Sanctions' On Russia After Putin Threatens Underwater Internet Cables Fox News Under Fire For Reporter’s Claims Of White House ‘Coup’ - Vid Poll Shows Nation Divided Between 'America First' ...

And 'Blame America First' The Nonexistent Russian Threat MSM Covering 'Russia Meddling' With ZERO Evidence Artist's Impression Of Mainstream Media In 2017 Christmas In An Amazon Culture Schools, Governments Worldwide Attack Christmas England Is Dying To Islam - Read It And Weep - We're Next Sweden - Third Horrible Muslim Gang Rape In 1 Month French Cities Overwhelmed By Muslims - Mayors Beg Help Uber Driver Admits Killing Brit Diplomat In Beirut Trump Spending 4 Million To Expand US Air Bases Over Alleged (non-existent) Russian 'Aggression' US Should Have Pulled Its 200 Nukes Out Of Europe - Russia Trump Sends Military Special Ops To 149 Countries In 2017!

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India Massive Military Exercise Near Pakistan Border N Korea Could Hit London Warns UK Sec Def S Korea Fires 249 Shots At ‘Swarming’ Chinese Ships Chinese Jets Violate Taiwan, Korea, Japan Airspace US Wants UN To Ban10 Ships For NK Embargo Breach Japan OKs Missile Expansion With US Made Aegis Guam Releases All-Hazards Preparedness Videos Mc Master On NK - 'All Options Are On The Table' Who To Believe On US Korea Policy, Tillerson Or Trump?