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Sarnia ontario dating

With over 4,500 employees in 36 related facilities, Sarnia-Lambton is home to one of North America’s most well established Petrochemical and Refined Petroleum centres, and the largest in Ontario.

With six of the world’s top fifteen chemical producers operating facilities in the area, the sector has a track record dating back to North America’s first commercial oil field near Oil Springs, in Lambton County.

It is a beautiful city in the summertime and I do miss my friends, the water and all the rockin' stations from the States but I don't miss living there. The same bums are in the same places and the downtown still looks like crap.

The Oil Springs Industrial Landscape is in the process of applying to be on Canada’s Tentative List for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, helping to secure an important part of Sarnia-Lambton’s legacy.

After a century-and-a-half, Sarnia-Lambton continues to thrive in the petrochemical and refining sector.

(My roomate was younger than me)Friggin' missed Bayfest AGAIN this year from Work. Well I know we had the 1st POF party there and I sang on stage and it was great. I also know you can't get much to eat after in the morning.

Got to get my sober azz down there for some Uncrontrollable Alcoholism Traning! Good times, good people, and GREAT fights @ Taco Belle at 2 in the morning! aka."If you can possibly get cut-off in 'The Sation', you KNOW your drunk! I was born and rasied here, my friends and family live here and I love em all, they are the greatest bunch of people we have so many great times together and lots of memories. It is a fun city and a great town to drive in though.

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