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I find that I’m usually in the mood in the morning before work, and at night I just want to sleep.For the cover of the magazine’s March issue, Ramos is seen draped with a printed Hermes scarf, fastened at just the right spots to make it appear that she is naked underneath. Montero, meanwhile, also made a pitch for the magazine. Before Vicki and Hayden, along with daughter Scarlet Snow, left for Paris Sunday afternoon, I texted her if it was okay to confirm in this story that she and Hayden have signed a pre-nup. The more than 100 invited guests (excluding those who reportedly “invited” themselves; for the record, got an invitation) are said to be paying for airfare and accommodation (cheaper if they have friends in Paris who can take them in as “guests”) and are reminded that the attire is “Strictly Black and White.” The event, already described as The Wedding of the Year (expected to overshadow other Filipinas who married foreigners abroad, including Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza and cousin Georgina Wilson, and Vicki’s daughter Cristalle Henares), is set by Yaparazzi Events PR, an international events management agency in charge of “creating, coordinating and managing the celebration of love between Dr. Hayden Kho.” As they say, “one time big time.” Don’t look now but there’s a hush that “Mr. M.” (that much celebrities are expected to attend the wedding, thanks to Vicki’s Paris-based good friend who has, well, “international connections.” If “Mr. M.” came, would Vicki and Hayden’s wedding make it to the front pages of French newspapers?

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