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Mexican american dating

Another common conception is that girls are not officially allowed to date until they turn 15, the age they become a woman and have the option to have a quinceañera.When asked about dating in high school at a young age, Victoria Servin stated, “My mother didn’t want me to have a boyfriends because she didn’t want me to fall under the hispanic teen pregnancy statistic. On the other hand, some parents are less eager to want to meet every person their daughter dates.

When love and culture clash: It all comes down to your family, and how easy they are on coping with traditional change.

Break the Cycle, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization working to provide comprehensive dating abuse prevention programs to youth, once awarded Texas a "C" grade in providing protection and education to teens in abusive relationships with a reevaluation scheduled for sometime this year.

"Our findings demonstrate the need to present Mexican American teens with culturally sensitive models of healthy relationships," said Rueda.

Jealousy was often the motivating factor that led to physically violent episodes.

The researchers found that the teenagers perceived jealousy as the primary source of argument, which catalyzed any subsequent physical violence experienced.

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