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Erotic sexbot chat

Frances had explained beforehand, fondly but dismissively, how they’d decided Meredith wasn’t ready for the job at Warner Phipps.

“She’s more personal assistant material,” Frances had said, and Meredith smiled bashfully on cue.

She remembered being that plastic girl when she’d helped fire Anthony. Snapping her fingers, she said, “Mistress commands.

It put a subliminal wiggle into her walk as she returned to Frances’ side. .” She felt it start to entrance her and shook her head to clear it. I didn’t hear, Frances dear.” Mistress ensured it caught her again. We must attend her at once.” Frances shuddered, and seemed to stay in character.

When Meredith saw her nod and reach under her miniskirt, she made her own call to report. “Ms Stevens needs to reschedule her meetings for the rest of the day,” Meredith told her, smiling as mindlessly as she could. “They have their instructions, Mother.” Her coldness seemed to restore Frances’ ardor, and her eyes refocused as she looked up at Meredith. Nothing will keep us from attending Mistress.” “As she commands,” Frances whispered, and then rose, staring at her daughter. “I await command.” “We are approaching Mistress’ estate.” “I understand.” Meredith sighed with the double pleasure—new instructions were controlling her, and she loved hearing her home described as her enslaver’s domain. “She will not awaken until Mistress wishes to use her.” “I obey.” Clare sounded much younger and softer than when she was allowed to control them. Her gaze passed unseeingly across Meredith as she paced out behind the maid. ” Frances paused on the upstairs landing, hesitant as a fawn, before padding barefoot toward Mistress’ outstretched hand. “That’s better,” Mistress said, and walked away with the nightie wadded up in her hand. ” “I—” Frances brought her hands forward, showing the sleepwatch. Her lips and tongue quested, and without Leslie’s lean thighs to rest against, she began to sway a little. “And after I decide what you need to know, so you can recite it on cue, then I’ll put you into a trance and implant it in your mind. It obviously turned her on, not just saying it Mistress but referring to her that way in front of others. “Every slave who’s been training you says you’re completely obedient to their orders. Well—more deeply hypnotized than usual.” She grinned artlessly. I knew you’d give me whatever I wanted, once I had your baby.” She leered openly at Meredith for a moment. I abducted and brainwashed her best friend earlier, to give me access to her. But you were already helpless to resist a stronger mind altering the beliefs you based them on. Then you stripped yourself of your best defense—just as you were told to do.” Frances still held pose as her hips moved again. But how could she know that her own client was under the spell of the enemy? “Whose total domination of her life and mind Meredith would crave. As Meredith felt hot quick breaths on her belly, moving down, smooth thighs cradled her face, and then there was her mother’s pussy, like a pale orchid, tangy and slick.

Slave Thirty answered, and Meredith dampened—she was so completely under control, other slavegirls could manage her. They smiled at each other, as Frances deliberately put her hand back between her nyloned thighs. It was hotter to listen to its legal owner play with herself in a trance, deaf to the younger women’s voices. .” “Shh.” Meredith moved the fingertip to Frances’ lips. Whatever Mistress had done to her last night, she was a dewy ingenue this morning. “Oh, Alice.” She clasped Mistress’ hand in both of hers and then held it to her breasts. “I never know what to do, when you’re not there to tell me! “But I know you’ve made progress, Frances dear.” Mistress smiled down as Frances stood straighter. ” “You’re already hypnotized, Frances dear.” Mistress smiled at Frances’ confusion, then froze her with a more purposeful stare. Pausing, she turned back and snapped her fingers once more. “It’s really silly, but my mind’s just not working well. Her eyes were half-closed and her head lolled in ecstasy. ber.” Frances snapped out of it with a faint cry, and blinked up at Meredith, then at Mistress. ” Mistress cooed, and smiled as Frances’ eyes glazed over. You don’t even need to be awake for it.” Frances tried to speak, but gave up and kissed Mistress again. She glanced over to see Clare smirking at her, and that Clare had snapped Donna out of trance too. Almost as if you are the slave of whichever one is conditioning you.” When she saw Mistress expected a reply, Frances whispered, “All of them are just your tools, Mistress. When I obey them, I obey you.” Her eyes moistened as she spoke, and Mistress nodded. Meredith could see her mother was as happy to parade her soul naked as she was her body. ” Mistress smoothed Frances’ hair and traced her forehead, as if caressing those thoughts. You’ve been absorbing all the new truths, and you’ve forgotten each bad thought you were told to reject. She’d already been long enough under Mistress’ control to lose any will to question anything Mistress said, even to wonder if it were a joke. “Nor even for what I could get selling a girl as young, beautiful, and malleable as Meredith. No one was watching Leslie, and I had her for as long as I needed to bend her into my creature. To whom she would turn over real control of all the wealth and holdings she’d inherit—without benefit of trustees now that she’s of age. As the heat focused on her cunt and became tongue and lips, she grasped her mother’s hips and coaxed them to where her straining mouth could reach up and taste.

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And she said, “Someone has promised to come to me and lick his sperm.” And I immediately began to masturbate, licking her honeyed crack.

At the other end, a spandex girl had started a playback that told Frances when to speak or nod while Mistress’ voice indoctrinated her. In fact, Frances had been programmed to channel her own natural skills in the meeting, and she’d been more like her old self than Mistress had let her act for a while. Mistress had clearly prepared her—within seconds she was standing erect and expressionless, eyes blankly blinking red in reflection. Her gaze dropped to level, and she stared intently. A quick glance showed her mother had no idea where she was in what had been her own house—Frances had no eyes or thought for anything but her hypnotist. It felt beautifully right, and very, very hot, to kneel to her, side by side at her feet. Still puzzled and embarrassed, though not over her own staff gang-raping your daughter. “Before I returned Meredith to you, but well after she became my slave”—she watched both of them writhe—“we did discuss my selling her off as a slave. But by then you’d paid for her, so she wasn’t mine to sell anymore.” Mistress shrugged.Her makeup was light and her hair was in a ponytail: she looked like a well-groomed teenager, but an inhumanly well-behaved one. Once more, Frances slipped into trance and knew nothing but the need to send herself deeper.Frances herself favored high collars and scarves, which only highlighted how much leg she was showing. Mistress let her reinforce that thought for a while before snapping her out of it.Dick's lean hips were thrusting its cock faster and faster in its stationary hand.There’s the joy of easy access to the Disney for French fare (and to be shrunk to the size of a rat), Auberge de Cendrillon for a fairytale feast with Cinderella's mice (oh, you love it), fine dining at California Grill with our chef and our culinary team and so much more!

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