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on Wednesday, police responded to an area near the intersection of Buckner and Locust streets and arrested Timothy L.Baxter, 53, a transient, on a felony warrant from Lewis County Superior Court and several misdemeanor warrants from Centralia Municipal Court.The mum-of-two claimed he raped her on his sofa as soon as she arrived at his address in Llanelli, Wales.The following day he was arrested and held overnight after Murray-Evans returned to his house claiming to have lost her ring."The worrying fact is that if you had not sent those Whats App messages to him it would have been your word against his with an unpredictable outcome."You knew it would have a devastating effect on him and I believe that the fact that he was a police officer was in your thoughts.She has a previous conviction for breaching a court order to molest a former partner by making contact, the court heard.

He was suspended from duty throughout and considered killing himself to end the shame of being falsely labelled a rapist.

He now suffered from depression and anxiety and was off work sick.

Remorseless Murray-Evans, from Swansea, continues to insist she was raped but pleaded guilty on Friday to attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Of general population inmates, 127 were male and 35 were female and of WERC inmates, 27 were male and three were female.

A total of 42 inmates were booked through contracts with agencies outside Lewis County.

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A suspect reportedly took two rings and fled the store on foot. on Thursday, police responded to the 2600 block of Eureka Avenue and arrested Otis W.