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If a consumer is struggling before using consolidation but then begins to make timely payments after undergoing consolidation, then the consumer could see a lift in his/her credit score.On the other hand, there are several ways that consolidation could dent a credit score.In recent years, balance transfers have become a less realistic option.New legislation has caused creditors to require higher minimum payments (so that consumers pay off debts in a timely fashion).There are agencies out there who have crafted debt consolidation programs. By being “middle men,” these services charge fees that make your overall payment more expensive.And in many cases, they aren’t really adding any value that you couldn’t create yourself by seeking a bank loan or another consolidation method.The thing to consider in this case is the interest rate and any fees.

This keeps these accounts as having a successful history and helps maintain your overall utilization. First, by leaving the accounts open you leave yourself open to the temptation to use the cards.

Even though cards may come with a low APR, there may still be balance transfer fees.

This will have implications on how smart of a decision it is to use consolidation and may limit how much you are able to save with this method.

We talked about secured debt consolidation in detail already, but let’s review.

Consumers who choose to consolidate credit cards with this strategy are moving unsecured debt into secured debt.

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On the other side of things, consumers have abused balance transfers by using the strategy repeatedly, hopping from card to card.

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